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Podcast Episode #04 – Brewery Cooling Systems

In this episode of the BoozeWerks Podcast, Devin Mills gets into the details about craft brewery cooling systems and how to calculate what size & type of equipment you’ll need.

Episode Highlights:
  • Why Do You Need A Brewery Cooling System
  • Continuous vs. Instantaneous Loads
  • Boil Kettle Cooling
    • BTU Load Calculation
    • Water vs Glycol
    • Cold Liquor Tank Usage
  • Fermentation Control
    • Yeast Generate Heat
    • Room Heat Gain
    • Jacketing
    • Cold-Crashing
  • Brite Beer Tanks
    • Cold Room vs Jacketed
    • More Room Heat Gain
  • Total Cooling Needs Calculation


Podcast Episode #03 – Itsara Ounnarath – White Tiger Distillery

Devin Mills talks with Itsara Ounnarath, President of White Tiger Distillery, producers of the ONLY rice-based whisky in the United States!

Itsara talks about his family’s history in coming from Laos and how that has inspired what they produce at his distillery. Located in Forest Hill, Maryland (outside of Baltimore), the distillery offers tours and has a tasting room.

This is a very cool conversation about the history of booze in Laos, the traditions of who used to make the liquor, and how rice as an ingredient can be very different. (This interview was recorded via the web a number of weeks ago, so please excuse some of the audio tweaks on Itsara’s portion.)

Check out all the details below.

White Tiger Distillery:

Website – http://www.wtigerd.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wtigerd/
Online Shop – https://squareup.com/store/white-tiger-distillery-llc/

Podcast Episode #02 – Cider Apples

In this episode of the BoozeWerks Podcast, Devin Mills talks about cider apples and how you go about making hard cider.

Episode Highlights:
  • Common Fermentation Problems
  • Types of Apples
    • Sharp, Bittersharp, Bittersweet, Sweet
    • Acidity
    • Sweetness
  • Concentrate vs. Crushed
  • How to Crush
    • Mill Types
    • Pressing
    • Treatment for Wild Yeasts
  • Best Cider Fermentations