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BoozeWerks Commissions a New Distillery!

BoozeWerks Commissions a New Distillery!

Aggregate on Florida’s Nature Coast:

Aggregation Distilling Company’s Pending Opening,
255 SE US Hwy 19, Crystal River, FL 34429, formerly Shipyard Dog

After years of preparations, Aggregation Distilling Company is producing its first spirits to unveil at their mid-March opening in Crystal River. The local Briley family, Jim, Elaine, David, Emily, and their four-legged friend Maisey, proudly own the distillery.

We couldn’t be happier to show the community the initial phase of our big Crystal River dream,” says Jim Briley. The small distillery and tasting room is adjacent to the Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge, a sanctuary for threatened Florida Manatees. Aggregations of Manatees gather in these unique estuaries to recharge in the clean, fresh water.

The Manatee behavior inspires lead distiller David Briley, “The local spring water carries its pleasant flavors through to our end spirits, and the intimate atmosphere brings people together.” He chuckles as he adds, “You will love this environment for the same reasons our Manatee friends do…”

BoozeWerks has provided Aggregation business planning, process development, technical assistance, and staff training services since its idea phase in 2021. This current distillery is an initial proof of concept for the larger facility, which will begin construction in the coming years. Their unique production process will incorporate industry-leading, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly practices into a venue with a distillery, brewery, concert venue, and boutique lodging.

When fully operational, Aggregation Distilling Company will be one of the finest purpose-built facilities of its kind,” says Devin Mills, Founder and President of BoozeWerks. “We are truly honored to be a part of it.” Take a sneak peek at the gallery below, provided by the project architect OPA Design Studio. 


Come share in the success and growth of our collaboration with Aggregation Distilling Company- Cheers to craftsmanship, community, and the shared moments that are “Always with Us!


Podcast Episode #10 – Barrel Aging

Podcast Episode #10 – Barrel Aging

In this episode of the BoozeWerks Podcast, Devin Mills starts breaking down the basics of barrel aging. The purpose of aging, what wood brings to the party of spirit maturation, and why smaller barrels may not be the best option vs. full sized vessels.

Episode Highlights:
  • Ceramic Replacements?
    • Can’t Breath
  • Basics of Aging
    • Coarse-Grained vs Fine
    • Oxygen is your friend
    • PH Matters
  • Best Flavor Extractions
  • Old Barrels vs New
  • Contents of Oak
  • Smaller vs Larger Barrels


Podcast Episode #09 – Ryan Hembree – Skip Rock Distillers

Podcast Episode #09 – Ryan Hembree – Skip Rock Distillers

Devin Mills talks with Ryan Hembree, Founder & Owner (along with his wife Julie) of Skip Rock Distillers, producers of some serious award winning Liqueurs (and award-winning Rums, Gins & Whiskeys)!

Liqueurs are an often forgotten product, but Ryan helps Devin shed some light on to what is a time-honored tradition, and how Ryan sort of fell into the Liqueur business – to great success! Their Raspberry Liqueur won a Gold Medal & Best-In-Class at the ADI Awards this year (2019), as well as “Worlds Best Fruit Liqueur” at the World Liqueur Awards (2019). And their famous Nocino (Walnut Liqueur) also won a Gold Medal at the World Liqueur Awards (2019).

Skip Rock Distillers is located in Snohomish, Washington (North of Seattle), and the distillery offers tours and has a tasting room.

This is a awesome conversation about the ins-n-outs of Liqueuers, and how time really can be the secret ingredient!

Check out all the details below.

Skip Rock Distillers:

Website – https://www.skiprockdistillers.com
Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/srdistillers
Online Shop – https://www.skiprockdistillers.com/store.html

Podcast Episode #08 – 3-Chamber Still

Podcast Episode #08 – 3-Chamber Still

In this episode of the BoozeWerks Podcast, Devin Mills gets into the history, design, and function of the 3-Chamber Still and why it was so popular in rye whiskey production prior to prohibition in this country.

Episode Highlights:
  • History of Design
    • 1850s in the US
  • Why Use 3 Chambers?
    • Continuous (or nearly)
    • Grain Handling
    • Single & Stripping Usage
  • Modern 3-Chamber Still Design
  • Operation of the Still
    • More Action
    • Heat-up
    • Basic Process Flow


Podcast Episode #06 – Stephen Gould – Golden Moon Distillery

Podcast Episode #06 – Stephen Gould – Golden Moon Distillery

Devin Mills talks with Stephen Gould, Founder & Head Distiller of Golden Moon Distillery, a facility that specializes in herbal liquors and other liqueurs. Stephen & Devin talk all things gin, absinthe, historical recipes, and how palette development is so important to a distiller. This is a great conversation that was recorded at the Golden Moon facility a number of weeks ago (and you will hear some background noise in certain sections). Check out all the details below. Cheers!

Golden Moon Distillery:

Website – https://goldenmoondistillery.com Spirits List – https://goldenmoondistillery.com/ourspirits Golden Moon Speakeasy – http://www.goldenmoonspeak.com/

Podcast Episode #05 – Potato Distilling

In this episode of the BoozeWerks Podcast, Devin Mills heads out into the fields to get into the dirt about potato distilling, and why is hasn’t always had the best reputation as an ingredient. 

Episode Highlights:
  • More Starch than Grain
    • Acreage to Grow
  • Potato Processing
    • Industrial vs Standard Potatoes
    • Cleaning Before & After Milling
    • Starch Conversion Debate
  • Fermentation & ABV 
  • Vodka Purity Issues
    • Methanol
    • Using Charcoal to Filter
    • Chill Haze & Sediment