Brewery Solutions

Our engineers & brewery consultants have the experience to find innovative, cost-efficient, sustainable solutions that will help your craft brewing dream take-off and grow. Our multi-leveled approach takes into account all of the individual elements of your brewery – from proper business planning and design layouts, to equipment selection & sourcing, as well as regulatory standards and safety procedures you’ll need in place.

We will also look at the entire production process you’ll use for brewing your beers, and assist on workflow items like process flow design, water treatment & waste-water requirements, and ingredient selection & sourcing to ensure you are creating & bringing the best products to market. No matter if you’re starting a brewery from scratch or have been brewing beers in your current facility for years, our team here at BoozeWerks will create a custom solution for your business.


Business Planning

Our team of brewery consultants are available to help & work with you on your existing business plan for your new brewery. We can assist with general guidance on numbers and business practices to fine-tune your plan to be ready to put in front of investors and small-business loan officers.


If the prospect of running down numbers and creating a business plan seems daunting to you, we can create a professional business plan for your project!

Facility Design

You have the perfect location in mind, but you don’t know what’s the best way to set it up? The BoozeWerks team are experts at making sure your space will fit your needs when it comes to equipment production workflows. Need to make sure the Taproom is big enough? That you have enough bathrooms? Have that space for a live band? We’ll take care of it.

Plus, if you already have an Architecture/Engineering team on board your project, we can assist them in knowing what standard industry practices & design requirements they should be using in helping you develop the final design, as well as leave room for growth.

Equipment Selection and Sourcing

What’s my budget? Steam vs Gas vs Electric? 304 vs 316? 5BBL, 15BBL, 30BBL? FOB? Lead-Time? Jacketed vs Single-Walled?
When deciding on what equipment you need and where you need to order it from, there are sometimes an overwhelming number of choices. When you need to have a good handle on exactly what it is you’ll require and when it needs to be there to make the dream come true, that’s where the BoozeWerks Team can get you squared away. We can shop the various manufacturers to find the right equipment, at the right price, in the right timeframe to hit the project’s budget goals.

Workflow design & Compliance

Regulatory Standards & Compliance

How well do you know the TTB Regulations, or your local jurisdiction’s alcohol rules? Your ‘Bonded Facility’ area vs your ‘Tax-Paid’ section? Our team here at Boozewerks is well versed in how to approach the various rules & regulations that you need to know to run your brewery. Each location has its own rules specific to that town/county/state/country and we can help you navigate these pitfalls.

Workflow & Process Design

When it comes to workflow and how the facility is laid out, minor adjustments or specific design elements can make a big difference. One of the most important aspects of thinking through what the production process will be (besides just mashing, boiling, fermenting & finishing) drives a number of design decisions as to where and why we place equipment and working spaces in the spots we put them. Delivery entrances & grain holding areas, Refrigeration & Distribution accessibility, Hard-piping vs flexible piping and more are just some of the items that can affect workflow design.

Marketing & Media Planning

I’ve got a Facebook page, and a Twitter handle – that’s all I need, right? In the modern digital marketplace, you not only need to control the name-space for your brand, but you need to know how to utilize the various platforms to their fullest potential. What venues are of more value in your specific geographic location vs somewhere else? How do I let the world know that we exist once we open the doors? Our marketing experts & brewery consultants can assist you in knowing what platforms are of value to your business, and which ones are worth ignoring.

operation, improvement, & expansion

Safety Planning

The BoozeWerks team will help you create & have the proper safety procedures in place to operate your facility in a controlled manner. Where & how are chemicals being stored? Are your employees wearing the appropriate protective gear? Do you have the proper equipment to handle an emergency? Which personnel are trained and approved to handle certain job duties vs others? Proper safety rules and procedures are of utmost importance and go a long ways in ensuring a quality working environment & final product.

Production Efficiency

We’re getting 84% efficiency and it’s taking us 4-hours to do X. Is that good or is that bad? For facilities that are already up and running, our brewery consultants can assist in tracking down those little ‘bugs’ in your process that are hurting your bottom line. Saving a little loss of product here, shaving a some process time there – and suddenly you can boost your numbers by a few % – and that’s real money in your pocket. The BoozeWerks team can come in & learn your current process and make recommendations as to where you could find the best cost savings that will affect your bottom-line.

Expansion Design

You’re bursting at the seams, your production capacity is maxed out, and you’ve got orders for more product sitting in your inbox. It sounds like it’s time for an expansion – but how do you go about that process? Do you expand in place? Do you look at a second facility? or Do you move everything into a new & larger location? Running a current business while trying to plan an expansion can be daunting, and our team can ease some of that burden with whatever expansion project you have in mind and get you started on that path towards even greater revenues.