Podcast Episode #09 – Ryan Hembree – Skip Rock Distillers

Podcast Episode #09 – Ryan Hembree – Skip Rock Distillers

Devin Mills talks with Ryan Hembree, Founder & Owner (along with his wife Julie) of Skip Rock Distillers, producers of some serious award winning Liqueurs (and award-winning Rums, Gins & Whiskeys)!

Liqueurs are an often forgotten product, but Ryan helps Devin shed some light on to what is a time-honored tradition, and how Ryan sort of fell into the Liqueur business – to great success! Their Raspberry Liqueur won a Gold Medal & Best-In-Class at the ADI Awards this year (2019), as well as “Worlds Best Fruit Liqueur” at the World Liqueur Awards (2019). And their famous Nocino (Walnut Liqueur) also won a Gold Medal at the World Liqueur Awards (2019).

Skip Rock Distillers is located in Snohomish, Washington (North of Seattle), and the distillery offers tours and has a tasting room.

This is a awesome conversation about the ins-n-outs of Liqueuers, and how time really can be the secret ingredient!

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Skip Rock Distillers:

Website – https://www.skiprockdistillers.com
Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/srdistillers
Online Shop – https://www.skiprockdistillers.com/store.html