A Baijiu Bar Near You?

This Chinese ‘white liquor’ is now the most consumed liquor on the planet, and certain market forces are now eyeing the US market as the next place to grow. Coming in normally at 40-65% alcohol, this drink packs a punch – but it also has a unique flavor profile that consumers are starting to discover. With only 1% of the US market drinking Baijiu, there’s some serious room for growth – but how much and how fast is the $1M question.

This article in Yahoo Finance brings to light some of the current players in the US Baijiu market and where they see the industry trying to go. This 1000-year old spirit may be starting to make inroads into markets like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (historically cities with a strong Chinese immigrant population), but you may start seeing Baijiu bars, and even distilleries, starting to pop-up in other regions here in the next few years! Keep an eye out on this interesting market.