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Devin Mills Hits the Small Screen

Last night our very own Devin Mills hit the small screen (television, that is) for the first time working with Tim Smith (Climax Moonshine) on Discovery Channel’s new show “Moonshiners: Whiskey Business”.

In this episode, Devin helps Tim clean-up and re-design the Three Bros. Distillery facility in Virginia. This small Virginia distillery is known for their off-beat ‘Naval-style’ Gin, Silk Jacket. The owners of Three Bros. are looking for help in making a better product and trying to bring it to a wider market.

Check out the episode on Discovery Channel’s website!


First Episode Hits

The first official episode of Discovery Channel’s – Moonshiners: Whiskey Business debuted last night! Now, this first episode just has Tim Smith (climax Moonshine) in it, but we’re excited to see the premiere nonetheless of this new show. Our founder here at BoozeWerks, Devin Mills, will be in the upcoming episodes starting on Wednesday the 20th, and we can’t wait.

In the meantime, head over to Discovery Channel’s show website to watch the first episode as Tim Smith helps save a Carolina distillery from closing its doors.


It’s Official – Moonshiners: Whiskey Business

Our very own Devin Mills has been working with Tim Smith on this new “Moonshiners” spin-off for a while now – and it’s been Officially Announced by Discovery Channel!

Outlaw turned legal moonshiner, Tim Smith has worked hard to establish his legal brand of liquor, Climax and do his father proud. Now that he’s turned his moonshine business into the real deal, he is setting out restore four struggling distilleries, including Broad Branch Distillery, Old Nick Williams Farm & Distillery, Three Brothers Distillery and Bondurant Brothers Distillery into profitable businesses. Each week, Tim Smith will be joined by whiskey experts, Tim Jones and Devin Mills as they race against the clock to turn these businesses around.

We’re super excited to share this news and add the viewing schedule to our calendars. The first episode airs on Wednesday night, March 13th!