Craft Spirits Growth Continues

2018 was an active year in the American Craft Spirts industry! The data from the American Craft Spirits Association is starting to trickle out, and it looks like it was a growth market for American craft distillers.

According to the article in Wine Magazine, who were some of the first to report on it, the number of craft distilleries now operating in the US has eclipsed 1,800 – a growth over 2017 numbers of over 15%. In even better news, the total volume sales for the industry in 2017 had grown almost 24%, topping out at $3.7 Billion in totals sales. Though the craft segment only accounts for about 3% of the total market (in volume), this strong growth trend shows that the marketplace is still demanding more craft choices.

New distillers are trying to fulfill that current demand, but it seems like there is still plenty of room for new brands out there. Are you ready to take that next step? Reach out to us and let’s see if we can make the dream a reality!

And if you want to read up more on the data report, you can download the 2018 Annual Report from ACSA.