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Podcast Episode #07 – Beer Filtration

Podcast Episode #07 – Beer Filtration

In this episode of the BoozeWerks Podcast, Devin Mills breaks down the various types of filters you might find in a brewery, and what each stage of filtration brings to the final product.

Episode Highlights:
  • History of Filtration
    • Developed in Germany
  • Why Filter?
    • Clarity
    • Increase Stability
    • Prepare for Wider Exportation
  • Types of Filtration
  • Filtration Stages
    • Primary
    • Trap (Particle)
    • Fine
    • Final
  • Filtration Downsides?


Podcast Episode #04 – Brewery Cooling Systems

In this episode of the BoozeWerks Podcast, Devin Mills gets into the details about craft brewery cooling systems and how to calculate what size & type of equipment you’ll need.

Episode Highlights:
  • Why Do You Need A Brewery Cooling System
  • Continuous vs. Instantaneous Loads
  • Boil Kettle Cooling
    • BTU Load Calculation
    • Water vs Glycol
    • Cold Liquor Tank Usage
  • Fermentation Control
    • Yeast Generate Heat
    • Room Heat Gain
    • Jacketing
    • Cold-Crashing
  • Brite Beer Tanks
    • Cold Room vs Jacketed
    • More Room Heat Gain
  • Total Cooling Needs Calculation